Empowering People Worldwide To Reach Sustainable Wellness

WellnessBod is a unique combination of what
a Nutritionist, Athletic Trainer and Life Coach
has to offer ~ and then some

WellnessBod grew out of Kim Marie Paulie's desire to help people truly be well. Kim created a practice to help people of all ages, who are looking to loose weight, stay healthy, and combat health challenges through a total lifestyle approach to health and weight management. By incorporating the proper exercise, nutrition and supplementation needed, the entire family is able to achieve optimal health.

  About Kim

Kim Pauline is a Highly Credentialed, Global, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Medical Marketing Consultant, Wellness Expert, Personal Training Educator and Entrepreneur with extensive experience designing personal fitness, nutrition and supplement programs. Clients include corporations and individuals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore and India. Kim is the founder of Wellness Bod.

Kim’s expertise in anatomy, physiology of the muscular system, cardiovascular fitness, fitness testing, aerobics, stretching and weight training have assisted in her working knowledge of autism, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Kim is fitness advisor to the Indian Body Building, Figure and Fitness Federation as well as with many media personalities, actors and athletes. Kim herself has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, TV commercials and Fitness Magazines.

Lifelong learner with a Master’s in Functional Medicine-Nutrition. Certified Nutrition Specialist, a Certified Pro with Functional Movement Systems, Certified Life Coach, Counselor and a Professional Athlete with the International Federation of Body Builders. Kim is a Director & Examiner for the PRO Personal Trainers Association (Affiliated with the IFBB), certifying personal trainers and nutritionists. Check out the PRO PTA Brochure. She has a huge network of industry contacts, is a gifted teacher, coach and mentor.

Given Kim's wide background, she is uniquely trained, credentialed and qualified, unlike most practitioners. Kim provides clients with a comprehensive, multi-factorial customized cutting-edge array of natural, functional medicine, diagnoses, services, treatment, and care. Kim lives the lifestyle herself and knows the science behind what will work for you. You’ll shed fat and feel better, physically and emotionally, knowing you can do anything you set your mind to.

Kim’s goal is to train your body and mind to achieve more. Let’s declare war on procrastination and unsuccessful attempts of reaching your goals. Kim has over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness field and will mentor you to become your personal best by taking action for creating OVERALL SUCCESS!


Success for people of all ages everywhere who need and want to improve their quality of life through healthy eating habits, proper exercise to support their physical goals and nutritional education! Her mission is to provide a fun, realistic and effective program that is guaranteed to work if followed.

The Shape Up program, that Kim runs is not a weight-loss program, it is a life plan and program for families to become more aware of the best choices for living a quality and healthy life by taking action for creating OVERALL SUCCESS. Since this has been a focus for Kim Pauline, she has partnered with Michael Torchia and "The Shape Up America Campaign" he has launched.

  About Michael

Michael Torchia is the definitive, cutting edge fitness leader and founder of Operation Fitness. Michael Torchia has created a multi-disciplined lifestyle conglomerate, the first in its category that focuses on every phase of the lifestyle process, including physical fitness and nutritional solutions. He offers a fresh, effective approach to fitness that helps the entire family create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Torchia’s innovative programs are interactive and help both children and adults achieve optimal fitness levels through age-appropriate exercise and nutritious eating. Michael—whose expertise has made him a public person as well, brings to his clients a personalized program that combines diet, physical training, and mental acuity. Michael has worked extensively with members of the Royal Families of Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Qatar and is affectionately termed by them as the “Beverly Hills Healer.” Michael works with some of the most influential child health advocates in the world including the current U.S. Surgeon General and First Lady Michelle Obama to promote proper nutrition and daily exercise among children across the nation.

Michael has created new ways of life for tens of thousands of individuals around the world and is the fitness advisor to such luminaries as, Kevin Spacey, Matt Damon, Al Pacino, Kim Cattrall, Ralph Lauren and John Galliano. His background in the world of bodybuilding has given him a unique understanding of what the body is capable of when supplied with the right fuels, the right motivation, and the right exercise program. 

Never losing sight of his goal of fitness for the entire family, Michael has embarked on programs for children and adults, designed to teach people of all ages how to properly work out and eat right, culminating in a healthier lifestyle. The all-around effect is an equal balance of feeling good mentally, emotionally and physically. In 2001 Michael launched The Shape Up America Campaign, designed to motivate people across the country to increase daily physical activity and healthy eating by showing them how to make exercise fun, and choose better foods. The campaign targets all segments of our communities including schools, city government, civic organizations, community groups, businesses, and other people who live, work and play in America. Michael is following in  Jack LaLanne’s foot steps and is currently traveling across the country educating, motivating and inspiring Americans to lead healthier lives.



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Empowering People Worldwide To Reach Sustainable Wellness

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