Empowering People Worldwide To Reach Sustainable Wellness

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At Wellness Bod we are here to listen, and connect the dots between your medical history, symptoms, their underlying causes and your LIFE goals.

Kim is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Medical Marketing Consultant, Wellness Expert, Personal Training Educator, Life Coach & Entrepreneur.

Whether you’re interested in Sports Conditioning for an event, Post Rehab/Medical exercise, Youth/Family fitness, Flexibility, Functional training, Core conditioning or Tactical training for law enforcement or fire department - physical test prep, you’re in the right place.

Kim will help you lose body fat, increase muscle mass, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, get healthier, look and feel better with more energy.

For those who are ready to make the journey, Kim is happy to welcome you to WellnessBod and take action NOW!

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Upcoming Events

January 14th & 15th: PROPTA Certified Professional Personal Trainer Course -

Crown Plaza - New York Sports Club,1601 Broadway & 49th Street - 15th Floor, NY, NY 10019

June 26 – 27 – 28: Smart Preps Workshop in Bengaluru
Venue: F. I. T. T. Club - #96, 3rd floor, 60 feet Road, Chandra Layout, Vijayanagar – 560040

June 29 -30- & July 1: Cama Hall – Veer Savarkar Memorial Complex, Shivaji Park, Dadar West Mumbai

July 3 – 4 – 5: Smart Preps Workshop in Kolkata
Venue: Golds Gym Alipore, Raj Kiran Building, 19A Alipore Road, Kolkata – 700027

My latest Podcast episode with "Health Tips Radio Show" from Bangalore, India. Please do hear it!

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Empowering People Worldwide To Reach Sustainable Wellness

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