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Health Practice Partnerships with Wellness Bod

We provide CUSTOM HEALTH SOLUTIONS for your practice.

Kim is dedicated to work with you and your staff to provide custom health solutions specifically for Health Professionals. Our unique program enables any Health Professional office to implement customized nutritional interventions, wellness and weight-management solutions for their patients. Through a line of advanced nutraceuticals, programs and services, Kim promotes wellness one Health Professional and one patient at a time. For more information, to browse products, or to view frequently asked questions, visit our website www.nutrametrix.com/WellnessBod.

Led by a Medical and Scientific Affairs team, Kim offers practitioners a complete line of nutraceuticals and customized nutritional programs to meet the demands of an educated client. Now Health Professionals - can integrate wellness, nutrition and weight-management solutions seamlessly into their existing practices.

With over 5,000 nutraMetrix Consultants, 3,000 nutraMetrix Health Professionals, and a dedicated corporate nutraMetrix team, we are accomplishing what health insurance cannot do, what the pharmaceutical companies will not do, and what the federal government has failed to do. Kim is promoting the health of America and beyond, one Health Professional and one patient at a time.

About nutraMetrix Advanced Nutraceuticals

We work with our vendors to carefully select the highest quality ingredients available. Our products are sourced from wherever the best raw material is found and our quality control extends to each ingredient as well as the overall product. All ingredients included in nutraMetrix dietary supplements are held to FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Ingredients held to this standard must pass a series of tests and meet strict acceptance criteria.

High-quality nutraceuticals for Health Professionals

  • Targeted health regimens 
  • Custom nutrition solutions 
  • Isotonic-capable supplements 
  • Anti-aging supplements
  • Children's health supplements
  • Mind and energy supplements 
  • Sports nutrition supplements 
  • Heart health supplements
  • Digestive health supplements 
  • Prenatal supplements 
  • Skin health supplements 
  • Vision health supplements

"Every product is scientifically engineered and must be manufactured consistently with regard to purity, quality, potency and composition."


nutraMetrix Educational Institute (nEI)

The mission of the nutraMetrix Educational Institute (nEI) - nutrametrix.org/nei, a not-for-profit educational institution- is to educate Health Professionals on the science of nutrition, nutritional interventions and the applications of nutraceuticals in clinical practice. With its accreditation sponsors, the Educational Institute offers AMA Category I CME hours to physicians, CE hours to some allied Health Professionals and CE hours to RNs. The Educational Institute works with a diverse and highly educated clinical and guest faculty from industry, academics and practice to achieve its goals and mission.

The mission of nutraMetrix® is to provide a system for health professionals to create associated revenue, while providing patients and clients with a better way to achieve optimal health. Through revolutionary technology, science-based nutritional interventions and the power of people, we are changing the face of health care one health professional and one patient at a time.

  • We are a national provider of customized health solutions, delivering services exclusively for health professionals with a wide variety of products, services & solutions that are tailored to the unique need of your practice and your patients
  • We also provide ongoing educational support for staff and health professionals with tools and resources to support patient education. 
  • We take a look at the goals you have for your wellness program. Then support the vision you have for your practice by providing integrated wellness solutions to help patients reach their health goals:
    • Delivering Your Wellness Solution
    • To answer patient questions
    • To provide value, support & education for your patients
    • To set the practice apart from competition by offering value added support & education for patients.
    • To support the unique needs of each practice AND each patient.
    • To provide ongoing education support for the success of the practice and patients

The Importance of Integrative Health Care

  • We have the highest rates of osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and obesity in the World
  • Patients are generally overfed and undernourished
  • Diets today are missing many of the essential nutrients to optimize their health
  • Nutraceutical and Lifestyle education can significantly reduce health care cost
  • Sometimes nutritional depletion is result from medical and pharmaceutical interventions

Toll of Diet Related Chronic Diseases

Cardiovascular Disease
  • Cardiac-related illness affects 81 million Americans and remains the number one killer of both men and women.
  • The lifetime risk for developing CVD in the US is 1 in 2 for men and 1 in 3 for women.
  • Between 2014 and 2030, the American Heart Association predicts an increase in all forms of cardiovascular disease. 
  • This places the number of American adults with some form of heart disease at roughly 110 million.
  • Affects 74.5 million Americans (34% population)
  • Major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure and kidney disease
  • 36% Americans have prehypertension
The American Heart Association Predicts:
  • An additional 27 million people with Elevated blood pressure.
  • An additional 8 million with coronary heart disease
  • An additional 4 million with increased risk for stroke
  • An additional 3million with heart failure.
  • There are ~1 million CVD deaths each year in the USA
Elevated Blood Lipids
  • 106.9 million people diagnosed
  • 94 million not treated
High Blood Pressure
  • 65 million individuals with diagnosed hypertension
  • 27 million not treated
Elevated Blood Glucose
  • 14.6 million individuals diagnosed
  • 6.2 million individuals undiagnosed
Patients with Increased Cardiovascular Risk
  • 18.4 million people per year
  • Affects 24 million 20+ y/o Americans (11% population)
  • Majority type 2 (influenced by diet & exercise)
  • 35% of Americans are pre-diabetic
  • 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime (per NCI)
  • Dietary factors are associated with risk of some types of cancer: breast (post menopausal), endometrial, colon, kidney, mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus
More Contributing Factors


  • TV/Computer
  • Work
  • Stress
  • Processed Food
  • Environmental 
  • Contaminants
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Prescription Drugs


  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Quality Food
Typical American Diet
  • Can people get what they need from the US Diet?
  • USDA reports that many Americans get less than 70% of the RDA of many essential minerals and antioxidants
  • Countless studies link a host of diseases (including atheroslerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes) to our highly processed diet which is high in saturated fats, caffeine and refined carbohydrates.

We do not eat enough fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Taking a multivitamin is critical.

Declining Health of Our Soils
  • A landmark University of Texas study by Donald Davis
  • Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 
  • They studied U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional data over a 50 year span for 43 different vegetables and fruits
  • FINDINGS: “reliable declines” in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C over the past half century.”
  • Davis study: protein and vitamins median declines in 43 garden crops (nearly all vegetables) amounting to 6% for reduction for vegetable proteins and 15% to 38% for three of the five vitamins studied. Carbohydrate dry weight was statistically significant increase above the median value. Minerals Calcium & Iron depletion greater than one standard
Inadequate Intakes from Food
  • Percentage of Americans with Inadequate Intakes from Food Based on 
  • Daily Values (RDA or AI) from NHANES 2001-2006
90% of Americans fall short of essential nutrients
  • Data Source: USDA, ARS, Food Survey Lab 
  • Mosfeghet al 2005, 2001-2002 NHANES Nutrient Intake 
  • Mosfegh et al 2009, 2005-2006 NHANES Nutrient Intake
  • Average American adult gets 6.5 hours of sleep each night.
  • That is nearly 20% less sleep than the average in the 1950’s.
  • Your body needs 7.5
  • 9 hours for optimal function.
  • Studies show that more than 50% of American adults lose sleep due to stress.
  • Poor sleep is implicated in:
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity
  • Depression and Anxiety

It’s all Connected

The major, modifiable risk factors for chronic disease are:
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Poor Dietary Habits
  • Poor Micronutrient Status
  • Obesity 
  • Sleep Concerns
Position of the American Dietetic Assoc:
Nutrient Supplementation
Marra et al, J. of Am. Diet Assoc. (2009) 109:2073-2085
  • Highlight the fact the best nutritional strategy is consume a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods
  • Acknowledge additional nutrients from supplements can be helpful (science based nutritional standards)
  • Consumers may not be well informed about safety and efficacy of supplements (role of dietetics practitioners)
  • Aim of publication is to increase awareness re: supplementation issues and to identify available resources for practitioners
  • Give specific examples when supplementation should be considered (e.g. Vit D –infants, children, adolescents)
Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, Summit on Integrative Medicine & the Health of the Public
  • Lifestyle changes also can be reframed not only as preventing chronic diseases but also as reversing the progression of these illnesses...What we eat, how we respond to stress,... how much exercise we get, and the quality of our relationships... may be as powerful as drugs and surgery in treating (not just preventing) many chronic diseases
Summary –Supplement Recommendations
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010:
  • The Dietary Guidelines recognize that “dietary supplements/ fortification of certain foods may be advantageous in specific situations to increase the intake of a specific vitamin or mineral.”
  • American Heart Association (Folate, Omega-3’s)
  • American Medical Association (Multivitamin 1-2/day)
  • Tufts-Nutrition Research Center (Antioxidant)
  • Harvard School of Public Health (Multivitamin + Vit D)

Are The Patients Asking?

“What do you recommend to help me lose weight?”

“What multivitamin, calcium or Omega III do you recommend?”

“I don’t want meds, I want to try an alternative or diet first.”
“What can I do to be proactive about my health?”

nutraMetrix® helps Health Professionals, answer these patient questions, while solving the time or financial crunch?


Any company can have a multivitamin...what makes ours different?

  • Isotonic capable supplementation 
  • Quality ingredients
  • Comprehensive, synergistic formulations

HP Value: Complimentary formulations and isotonic delivery help achieve the results you expect for patients.

Patient Value: Absorption& quality that is accepted by their practitioner.

QC Process for nutraMetrix Products
  1. Specifications set for raw materials and finished products.
  2. Raw materials are sourced with Certificates of Analysis. 
  3. Products are manufactured using Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) under FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards.
  4. Products are inspected at our warehouse for damage, label accuracy, appearance, taste, and odor prior to release. 
  5. Product is quarantined, if it fails to pass inspection.
  6. Products are assayed by independent labs for isotonic capability, microbial contamination & potency.
  7. Manufacturing facilities are audited on a regular basis for compliance.
Customizable Products

Many companies have formulas for various needs, nutraMetrix® offers Custom Cocktail Isotonix Formulas, designed for the patient or practice.

  • Patient Convenience with one formula
  • Patient Compliance based on Health Professional Recommendations
  • Simplified re-order process

HP Value: Reinforce the brand and primary focus of a practice by creating a custom formula

  • Your practice name 
  • No competition
  • Simplified office processing

Patient Value: Customized just for them, based on unique patient needs, offering: quality, comprehensive formulas, and most importantly, accepted by their Health Practitioner.


What is unique about offering Micro-nutrient Testing, Cardometabolic Risk, Hormone Balance, Genetic Testing, Telomere Testing & the Gene SNP DNA Analysis Program?

  • The degree to which diet influences health and disease depends upon an individual’s genetic make-up.
  • HP Value: Help the Health Professional provide advanced science in supporting patients’ wellness goals.
  • Patient Value: Customized support to help them achieve health goals, based on results.
TLS Weight Management Solution
  • Clinically supported solution based on the science of glycemic balanceā—¦
  • Education support & resources
  • Weight loss supplements to target key weight loss challenges
  • Online system to leverage support
  • HP Value: A education based program backed by clinical efficacy. 
  • Meet patients requests, by offering a simple, revenue-generating weight loss program.
  • Patient Value: A system that works to get the weight off, and keep it off, while supporting a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
NC Support

nutraMetrix® provides a nutraMetrix® Consultant to partner for successful implementation.

  • Practice assessment & consultation
  • Customized implementation
  • Staff training & education
  • Partner for your success
  • HP Value: True commitment from both nutraMetrix® and the nutraMetrix Consultant to support your office while integrating new services
  • Your NC supports the staff and health professional to implement wellness options patients can use to stay healthy in - between office visits.

How does it work?
  1. nutraMetrix Health Professional or Consultant meets with Health Professional, to determine a need, and customize a proposal.
  2. The Health Professional reviews solution to see if nutraMetrix® is a fit for their practice.
  3. NC supports implementation, staff training & ongoing assistance to help guide the practice toward the Health Professional’s goals.
Utilize the Marketing Materials

nutraMetrix is a systemized & streamlined program, for easy implementation

Marketing Support via Print and Digital Media

  • Wellness Catalog
  • Product Rack Cards
  • Patient Handouts
  • Posters 
  • Waiting/Exam Area Display
  • Patient Education Seminars
Continuing Your Education

nutraMetrix provides training opportunities for both health professionals and staff

Health Professionals:
  • nEI: nutraMetrix Educational Institute -501c non -profit CME/CEU provider
  • nutraMetrix Health Professional Product & Implementation Training
For details of our nutraMetrix Educational Institute, or to register for an upcoming nEI course, click here:
Staff or Health Professional nutraMetrix Consultant Training:
  • Teaches key staff members, or health professionals, how to support your success from the inside – out.
For additional information, or to register for an upcoming nutraMetrix Consultant training or nutraMetrix Health Professional Implementation training, click here:

If you have any additional questions, please reach our staff at (336)478-4023 or by email nEI@nutraMetrix.org.

International  Health Professional Program

The International Health Professional Program is part of a nutraMetrix expansion plan. In simplicity, we have created HP and HP1 status for health professionals; they can be given HP status in our system and have the option to leverage the simplicity of the HP1 account. We are currently looking to partner with health professionals in:

Hong Kong

Dominican Republic
New Zealand
United Kingdom

Thank you for your interest in nutraMetrix.

Please visit our pre-recorded videos.

Introduction to nutraMetrix - Overview for both Health Professionals & Consultants - with Spotlight Interview with Dr. Roger Spahr


This overview is for both Health Professionals & Consultant who are evaluating nutraMetrix. The main content is approx 30 minutes, with a 5 minute interview with Chief Medical Officer for nutraMetrix, Dr. Roger Spahr.

Introduction to nutraMetrix - for Licensed Health Professionals featuring Dr. Deedra Mason, ND


This introduction to nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions features a spotlight interview with Dr. Deedra Mason, ND who serves as the Director of Clinical Research and Education for the nutraMetrix Educational Institute (nEI)

Introduction to nutraMetrix - Overview for Health Professionals featuring Julie Landsiedel, FNP


This introduction to nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions features a spotlight interview with the nutraMetrix Medical Health Professional of the Year (2014), Julie Landsiedel, FNP. Here you will get a full introduction to the services nutraMetrix can provide your practice, plus first hand information on how the TLS Weight Loss Solution has impacted the lives of Julie's community and helped countless people learn how to eat, feel and live a healthy lifestyle

nutraMetrix Consultant Positions Available

nutraMetrix provides customized wellness solutions for licensed health care providers, adding revenue for the providers, while integrating science based solutions to benefit patient care. In order to accommodate growth resulting changes in the health care market, Kim is looking for high quality individuals who have an interest working in the medical field. Please contact me today, to see if you qualify as a candidate, to be a nutraMetrix Consultant.

What is an NC?

A nutraMetrix Consultant (NC) is an individual who has been trained to implement revenue generating wellness solutions for health professionals in the United States. This includes attending the nutraMetrix Consultant course and maintaining recertification at least every 2   years. You MUST be a trained and active NC to be able to set up accounts for nutraMetrix Health Professionals. For an interview, to see if you qualify for the position, please contact Kim M. Pauline, kim@wellnessbod.com Information about upcoming nutraMetrix Consultant Webinars are listed below.

What Does An NC Do?

In short…implement customized solutions for health care providers.

  • Outside the Practice
  • Inside the Practice

Starts with an appointment with the health practitioner to gather information.

  • “I would like to ask for about 15 minutes to touch on what we do and gather some information so that I can put together a customized solution for you to evaluate and see if we have a fit for your practice.”

Onsite implementation support begins with NC support and staff education.

The ideal candidate…

Outside Consultant
  • Set appointments
  • Meet with practitioners & design solutions
  • Presentations & consultation
  • Coordinate with staff
  • Measure Monitor Adjust & Control for Success 
  • Intern style environment for learning
Who would be a good fit?
  • Former pharmaceutical reps, health related fields, sales experience, network marketing or direct sales background
Implementation Manager
  • On-site lead point of contact
  • Delegation, accountability
  • On-site training & problem solving
  • Follow through, education & oversee
  • Combine diversified skill sets
  • Comprehensive implementation support
Who would be a good fit?
  • Office manager, Head nurse, health practitioner assigned, other staff with project management qualities
Wellness Coach
  • Work with patients
  • Discuss wellness & answer questions
  • Good communicator & educator
  • Order processing & follow-through
  • Patient questions & answers
Who would be a good fit?
  • Nurse, MA, CA, office staff, wellness coach role hired, staff with interest in wellness, fitness, education, working with patients
Weight Loss Coach
  • Implement TLS Weight Loss Solutions strategy with staff and HP
  • Assist staff in patient goal setting & follow through
  • Assist staff with patient accountability & tracking
  • Product & support tool education
  • Become a Certified Transitions Lifestyle Coach
Who would be a good fit?
  • Nurse, health practitioner or staff member with interest in wellness, weight management and is a natural educator, good at accountability. Willing to go get trained as a Transitions Weight Management coach.
  • Possible referral marketing with Personal Trainers
NC Certification
  • Does NOT prepare or allow an individual to provide nutrition services or menu plans that have not been developed by a qualified health professional.
  • Does NOT qualify an individual to charge for nutritional counseling or market themselves as a nutritionist.
  • Does NOT allow non-health professional distributors to sell nutraMetrix® products to their customer base.
Consultant…. Not a Rep…
  • An NC is a business consultant who implements revenue-generating wellness solutions for health professionals.
  • Our delivery is revenue not expense
  • Our method is consultancy, not sales 
  • Determine Needs Of Practice & Patients
  • Identify practice goals / vision
  • Identify most logical solutions to support the needs of both the practice and patients.
  • Implement train and support for ongoing success.

Thank you for your interest in nutraMetrix. The following pre-recorded video will explain the roles that a nutraMetrix Consultant may play in the successful implementation of wellness programs in health care.

Please feel free to visit our pre-recorded videos.

Introduction to nutraMetrix - Consultant Overview featuring Regional nutraMetrix Consultant Cheryl Wilson


This is an overview of nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions and the role(s) the nutraMetrix consultant (NC) play in supporting the practice. This recording features a spotlight interview with Regional nutraMetrix Consultant and nutraMetrix Consultant of the Year (for 2013 & 2014) Cheryl Wilson.

Please check back for updates.

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